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3 New Facebook Opportunities Marketers Can’t Miss

Social media has come a long way from its early days of MySpace and “Top 10” friends. Today, there are dozens of social platforms to engage with and nearly 4 billion active social media users worldwide. No platform has made as drastic of a transformation as Facebook, which has evolved from a public diary for […]

Here’s What Apple’s Privacy Update Means for Your Facebook Ads

What are Apple’s new privacy changes? Apple is launching a new privacy feature that requires all apps to ask for explicit permission to track users. This feature, called App Tracking Transparency, will be included in an iOS 14 update in spring 2021. From an iPhone user’s perspective, this means you’ll receive a pop-up notification in […]

5 Tips On How to Become A Thought Leader

In a digital world where influencers often hold more trust, authority, and followers than the average brand, it’s critical that senior leaders and executives work to build their own personal brand and position themselves as a thought leader in their field. What is a Thought Leader?  Thought leaders are trusted experts, the “go-to” people, in […]

Boosted Post vs Paid Ad: What’s the Difference?

As brands continue to compete for users’ attention on social media, the space is getting more and more crowded, and social platforms have become increasingly selective as to what content they will serve up to their users. One way to jump in front of the line is to go the route of paid social. In […]


How Can PR Increase SEO Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a value placed on your website by Google that illustrates how relevant your website is on the internet. Higher domain authority means you’ll rank higher in search results, bringing in more traffic to your website. While many marketers have a firm grasp of how to increase their website’s SEO through strategic content, […]

Tips for Creating a Virtual Brand Activation that Inspires & Sells

Since March, virtual has become our “new normal” when it comes to hosting experiential brand activations. When the pandemic hit, we immediately shifted our House Program model to virtual in order to continue doing what we do best – help brands connect with media on a personal level through face-to-face interaction and authentic experiences with […]