Influencer campaigns can be more than just likes and Instagram pics. Done right, influencers can inspire trial, generate leads and increase sales online or off.

CBC puts celebrities, athletes, and everyday people to work for brands in authentic and engaging ways.  We offer three types of influencer campaigns:

    1. Influencers as Lead Generators
    2. Influencers as Publishing Partners
    3. Influencers as Media Coverage

All campaigns are customized to fit your goals, budget and business needs.

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CBC Influencer Network: Vetted, Trusted & Perfectly Matched

At CBC, we have fostered relationships with a growing network of lifestyle influencers with an emphasis on authentic storytelling, highly engaged audiences and beautiful editorial content. Our influencer and content marketing experts on staff can craft the perfect marketing strategy for your brand.

Our process is different than most agencies. We don’t trust automated tools to push out influencer recommendations. Influencers in our networks are vetted through a six-step process then matched to fit your brand, content needs and campaign goals.

Six Steps to Influencer Success

CBC follows a 6 step process to make sure influencers are perfectly matched for your brand and campaign, making sure we have it right before you spend your money.

Step 1: Business Case

No one really needs influencer marketing. We engage influencers to make something happen.  Launch a product. Drive qualified leads. Reach new audiences. Our first step is to understand your goals and internal KPIs so we can create a campaign that will meet expectations.

Step 2: Campaign Creation

Most would think finding influencers is the next step, but not so fast.  Before we can choose the right influencers, we need to detail exactly what we want. Are we looking for engagement and reach on their channels?  Or do we want them to create content that will drive traffic and leads to your website?  Knowing the purpose of the campaign, content creation parameters and how we’ll measure KPIs is vital to building the right network of partners.

Step 3: Influencer Research and Vetting

Our team uses several research, data and social monitoring tools to to map your campaign with the right influencers. Beyond followers and reach, we look for influencers who are creating meaningful content and engaging in conversations that align with your brand’s values. We tackle the outreach, management and budgeting to ensure an authentic and loyal partnership between brand and influencer.

Step 4: Contracts & Negotiation

This step is crucial as you need more than a standard contract. This is where we clearly identify deliverables, timelines, CTAs, content ownership, adherence to brand standards and more.  Getting this right will ensure you get everything you need, expect and deserve.

Step 5: Campaign Launch and Management

It’s showtime. Our team will handle all the communications, creative briefs, content management, campaign fulfillment and handholding to ensure the campaign runs smoothly and everyone remains happy and engaged. We will have consistent communication with you and our influencer network for the duration of the campaign.

Step 6: Insights and Reporting

The CBC research and insights team will create a custom report to provide both at-a-glance and in-depth analysis of your campaign. Typically, clients run influencer campaigns on a quarterly basis, which allows us to put learning into action and continually optimize the campaign.

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