At CBC, we don’t just post pretty pictures. We create social campaigns that bring your brand to life and help your target become fan(atics).

Working with hundreds of creators, as well as our own producers, our programs drive engagement, excitement and loyalty, all with minimal stress and time commitment from you.

For those clients that need larger quantities of custom digital content quickly, check out our SIDEBAR video and photo production service.  In just a day or two, we’ll create a library of content that will keep your channels humming for months.

Services include:

  • Digital/Channel Strategy Development
  • Campaign Development and Deployment
  • ROI modeling
  • Monthly Content Calendar Creation and Management
  • Evergreen social media management
  • Consumer Journey Mapping
  • Influencer Programs
  • Video production & photography
  • C-Suite & Spokesperson Social Management

Video & Photo Content Production

CBC produces unique, relevant visual content for your brand. The visual content — spanning lifestyle video, instagram-ready photography, how-to’s, and more — is shot through an editorial lens. Deployment is aimed at engaging a highly qualified target audience.

Our CBC content creation service places your brand in some of the country’s most aspirational lifestyle destinations from the Rocky Mountains to coastal California to Charleston to Nantucket’s island — all the places we travel for our HOUSE Programs!

What makes us unique in content production? RELEVANCE and INFLUENCERS.

CBC captures entirely unique and highly relevant video and photography related to each experience in our HOUSE Programs. With video and photo content captured at house events, your brand will ride the high engagement of each HOUSE Program long after the events’ conclusion.

If your video needs talent, we leverage INFLUENCERS from our large and growing CBC Influencer Network. Influencers come with built-in audiences and can help broaden distribution and relevance of your video/photo content. Additionally, on-site during the shoot you’ll receive immediate coverage as the influencer will post live Instagram Stories from behind the scenes tagging your brand. Seems like a no-brainer, right? We think so.

Our network of influencers spans industries from travel, food/entertaining, health/wellness, home design, fashion, beauty and more. And don’t worry, we’re incredibly picky. We make sure we’re mapping your brand with influencers with excellent storytelling skills and high caliber audiences.

Whether we use influencers or not, we’ll make sure we are always providing you with video and photo content that is crafted for the right channels, targeted towards the right audiences, to help you hit the right KPIs for your brand.

What does “content with a purpose” mean?

How does CBC measure the success of campaigns, influencers, and social activity?

How does CBC determine which  journalists and influencers are the right fit for my brand?

  • orange sunset in Santa Barbara for CBC Sidebar

CBC Video & Photo Production Services Extends the Magic of Our House Programs

We produce content that matches consumers where they are in their journey to your brand – engaging, authoritative, relevant, interesting, true to the brand, believable and, most importantly, has the power to build a lasting connection. We shoot against the background of the incredible cities our House Programs, use influencers as talent (for guaranteed ROI) and will help you create your deployment strategy whether the content is going across social channels or being used in a media buy.

Video Content

Creative content that aligns with your brand or product but acts as entertainment rather than selling tool. [Option to use Influencers]

An informational on how to use you product, wear your product, or create something using your product. 4x more customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it.

Engaging, step by step videos on how to make a recipe using your product. [Option to use Influencers]

Placing your brand or product in a lifestyle setting to support a launch, a collection, etc. Use for your website video banner or product pages, email marketing efforts, or social media channels.

We’ll take your product and create social media short videos optimized to live on all types of social media platforms and formats from Facebook/Instagram loops, Instagram Story vertical video, IGTV vertical video segments, GIFs, and even manage FB/IG Live on location. [Option to use Influencers]

Photo Content

We take your product and place them in lifestyle settings for Instagram-ready assets. Use for your website, email marketing efforts, or social media channels.

Overhead photography of a product grouping or your product grouped/styled with lifestyle props/elements.

Still images that contain moving elements. Usually leveraged for social media or website.

Use photography with added graphic design to create informational or promotional sharables to support a product launch, promotion, sweepstakes, giveaway, or social ad campaign.