Coors Light Uses Targeted Advertising to Reach Women

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Hey, ladies! Put down the vodka soda and get ready to put on your beer goggles. Last weekend, Coors Light launched a new campaign called “Climb On,” which used targeted advertising to attract women drinkers. Smart move, Coors, considering women represent nearly a quarter of the industry’s total volume. (I.e. they drink over 17 billion beers a year, F.Y.I. That’s a whole lot of hops…)

The debut ad opens with a question: “What would we be without our mountains?” Sure, some of us may prefer to glide through life without obstacles, but Coors realizes that we’ve all got #firstworldproblems and then some. Climbing these “mountains” and facing obstacles and challenges is what builds character and makes life enjoyable (or is it the beer on the other side that makes it all worthwhile?).

Not only will this ad inspire you, it’ll get you thinking about those New Years resolutions you already forgot about.   Throughout the commercial, a number of men and women of all shapes, sizes and colors are shown engaging in vigorous outdoor activities. Don’t be discouraged if the mountain you’re climbing doesn’t involve conquering a mean yoga pose or trying to stay on an angry bull—we all have different aspirations and capabilities.

As Coors kindly reminds us, “your mountains make you who you are—whatever your mountain, climb on.” And when you’re done climbing, crack open a beer. You’ve earned it. [Source]