Bing Inks Deal With Facebook and Twitter

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Bing Vs. Google isn’t Ali-Frazier just yet. I know Google is still Google, but marketers need to pay more attention to Bing. The Microsoft search engine just completed a deal to make Tweets and Facebook status updated part of its results.

We’re not saying that Bing is replacing Google, just that the upstart (if we can actually call anything from Microsoft “upstart”) is gaining momentum.  If you want to compare the two, visit Bing Vs. Google for side-by-side comparisons.  In a cursory search, I liked the first SERP from Bing.  But… Google found newer, more relevant stuff overall.

If you want to geek out on the Bing Vs. Google comparison, check out the Search Engine Smack Down by PC World.  But no matter what you choose, keep an eye on Bing for now.