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The Limits of AI: Why Human Touch is Still Important in Marketing

If you’re a marketer in 2023, then you know that AI is all anyone is talking about. AI software like ChatGPT can help us write content, aid research, and even develop strategic ideas for our next campaign. In 2023, 42% of companies have their eyes on AI for future marketing efforts so it’s important to […]

Making the Most out of Your Social Media Content Map

If you work in digital marketing or social media, you’ve likely been tasked with “mapping out” social media content for a brand. Brands take a variety of approaches to mapping out their social media content, but not all brands make the most of this important planning process. Many marketers map out months of social media […]

10 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Help You Stay Ahead of the Curve

If the past few years have taught healthcare marketers anything, it’s that digital health is taking center stage. From Amazon entering the industry, to physician social media influencers, this shift has caused marketers to adapt and evolve in order to continue to see results and reach their target audience in new ways. In this day […]

4 PR Measurement Techniques that Prove Business Value

At CBC, we deliver more than just coverage; we drive measurable business results through our strategic, data-driven approach to public relations (PR). Our Research & Insights team recently conducted original research on correlations between earned media coverage with website KPIs like traffic & conversions. The goal? Quantify the ripple effect of a PR campaign’s success […]

Four Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Copywriting Skills

Social media is full of noise. There are millions of brands every day attempting to make themselves heard and leave a message that resonates with their audience – it’s important that your brand can break through the babble. Stopping the scroll relies on strong creative and compelling copy; If you have aspirations of attracting a […]

Day in the Life of a CBC Intern

My name is Gwynn Vaiciulis and I have been an intern at CBC since August 2021. I am also a senior at Boston University and am studying  advertising and journalism. I’m a creative person who loves to express myself and I am also a huge foodie, constantly cooking or trying new restaurants!    Graduation is  […]

Facebook Crashed: Here’s the One Tactic That Can Protect Your Brand

If you weren’t on a serendipitous sailing adventure or living under a rock, you might have noticed that Facebook and its entire suite of apps were down for more than 14 hours on October 4th. The global outage is a major reminder to brands that you don’t own your data, followers, or content on social […]

5 Tips for Writing Call-to-Actions That Convert

We don’t need to tell you that every brand needs to be on social media. Now more than ever, consumers are turning towards digital outlets like Facebook and Instagram for new products, inspiration, and information. What many brands forget is that social media is just that – social. Engagement should be at the forefront of […]