We’re excited to share that CBC has been named the 2023 Agency of the Year by the American Business Awards® for our data-driven approach to PR measurement. Our team takes pride in this accolade, which underscores our commitment to excellence in public relations and digital marketing.

Image that says CBC next to an icon that says 2023 Stevie Winner

A Recognition of Excellence

The American Business Awards® is renowned for celebrating the best in American business, recognizing organizations of all sizes and types for their outstanding achievements. Earning the Silver Stevie® Award in the Agency of the Year category honors our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in PR.

The judges praised our approach, with one remarking: “What you (CBC) are doing is important and game-changing for the industry.”  The Silver Stevie® Award is more than just an accolade. It shows that the broader business community acknowledges that what we’re doing at CBC is not just impactful but essential for the future of public relations.

Our Winning Formula: A Data-Driven Approach 

This award showcases our groundbreaking work in using data analysis to connect earned media and influencer marketing with business impact, justifying the ROI of PR programs. This approach isn’t just innovative; it’s necessary. 

Len Cercone, our Founder and CEO, sums it up perfectly: “Though we know earned media is extremely effective, historically it’s been difficult to tie it to business outcomes. At CBC, we’ve developed a data and insights program that provides clients with a clear view of the impact our programs have on driving topline revenue.” 

What Sets CBC Apart

The American Business Awards® recognized CBC for our innovative approach to PR measurement. We’ve moved beyond traditional metrics, creating integrated client dashboards that combine e-commerce data, website analytics, and more to showcase the full impact of PR. 

An excerpt from a CBC e-book that reads "Prove ROI with Outcome and Impact Metrics"

Excerpt from CBC’s guide on “Connecting PR to Business Value”

Our focus is on demonstrating how media coverage not only increases brand visibility but also plays a critical role in improving business outcome metrics, such as lead conversion and online purchases.

Looking Ahead: Continuing to Lead in PR Measurement

We are honored to be named a 2023 Agency of the Year. This award is more than just a win for us; it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence in PR and digital marketing. We continue to strive towards enhancing our measurement techniques, ensuring that we provide our clients with the most effective and data-driven PR strategies.

Discover more about CBC’s innovative approach to PR measurement and how it can contribute to your business’s success. 

Boston, Massachusetts — July 8, 2021 — Cercone Brown has been recognized as one of the top digital marketing companies in 2021 by DesignRush.

DesignRush is a B2B marketplace that connects brands with professional full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms, and top technology companies.  Their platform lists over 9,300 agencies from over 50 different countries and is consulted by thousands of decision-makers looking to start a project.

Cercone Brown is a PR and Digital Marketing agency in Boston and New York. Our strength is creating experiences that bring brands to life, and drive consumers to action. Our heritage is in public relations and brand positioning, but today our programs are an integrated mix of social media and influencer marketing, content development and distribution, media relations and very smart, succinct paid media. Check out our HOUSE Programs, which bring the country’s top media together to experience brands in natural, beautiful settings.

Google is in the process of launching Google Analytics 4 (or GA4), which is the largest leap in how Google is presenting website traffic in years.  

The old way of presenting data was very siloed. It looked at the Who / What / When / Where / and How of analytics. For example, here is the legacy hierarchy of how they categorized data:

  • Audience = Who are your users?
  • Acquisition = How did they find you?
  • Behavior = Where did they interact with you?
  • Conversion = What were the results?
  • Date Selector = When did they come to your site?

In the classic version of Google Analytics, you had to define the events and engagements. You also had to define your funnel, and you were restricted to the limitations of the technology.  

Ok, ok, what makes this nerd so excited about GA4?

The new way takes a look at the cross-section of Who / What / When / Where / and How and centers it on the WHAT (aka the conversion). The new navigation looks like this:

Life Cycle

GA4 takes the entire funnel and places it into the Life Cycle section. In this section, you see the Who / What / When / Where / and How of the users, but Google expands upon it. You get to see how those steps interact with each other. This allows the new Google Analytics platform to get straight to the point of analytic reporting.


The User section of GA4 allows content creators to get an understanding of user demographics to inform the content creation process. It covers devices and locality to help you understand where your users are from and how they access your site.


GA4 Events are a new, semi-automated approach to providing deeper insights into how users interact with your site. Although at this time Google has not yet defined what events will be standard, we have seen the following events already pre-configured without the need for Google Tag Manager or custom code:

  • Clicks (Raw click counts)
  • First Visits (How many users are visiting for the first time)
  • Page Views (Raw page views)
  • Scroll (How many people scrolled)
  • Session Starts (How many times users began interacting with your site)

You can also mark events as conversions, allowing you to focus your reporting on the most important actions that users are taking on your site.


Here you will find nerdy analysis tools to throw fuel into your marketing and PR efforts. The Explore section provides a level of research analyst depth unmatched by anything in the classic Google Analytics reports. It is a collection of some familiar tools such as Path Analysis and new tools such as Exploration and Funnel Analysis.  

Exploration is quickly becoming one of my most utilized tools, as it takes what I like about Google Analytics and merges it with the power of Google Data Studio. It effectively allows an analyst to build out custom tables on the fly to analyze data. No longer will we be stuck with stock reports and views.

What can GA4 mean for your business?

GA4 is the single largest evolution of Google Analytics. It will allow analysts easier access to the depth of data and allow business owners to quickly focus on the goals of their website with minimal configuration.

If you are interested in upgrading, you can follow the instructions provided by Google. Upgrading will not impact your current reports or data. Your new GA4 property will run in parallel to what you have now, so we recommend setting it up sooner rather than later so you can start collecting data and familiarizing yourself with the new user interface.

At CBC, we use GA4 to increase conversions as it provides us a more complete and integrated picture of how users interact with our clients’ websites. If you need a hand, contact us

Communications agency hosts top-tier editors and influencers in idyllic locations for immersive experiences with consumer brands

 For 18 years, the nation’s top media have gathered at CerconeBrown Company’s (CBC) House events to discover some of the best brands and products on the market. Today, CBC, the leader in experiential public relations, brand activations, and digital marketing, announced today this year’s schedule of its award-winning House Programs which will be hosted in picturesque settings such as Sonoma and Santa Barbara, CA, Nantucket, MA, and the Hamptons, NY. Each event promises participating brands unparalleled access to leading national press and social media influencers. These press immersions give top-tier editors, writers, and influencers the opportunity to discover some of the hottest brands and must-have products available through hands-on, interactive experiences. From wine tastings to cooking demos, hot air balloon rides to paddle boarding, attendees leave with great content ideas and strong brand relationships.

CBC crafts each House to highlight a different genre of consumer brands, from lifestyle, home décor, wellness, and fitness, to entertainment, technology, wine, and spirits. Participating brands are granted exclusivity in their category, allowing them to execute unique, customized experiences during the program.

The House Programs continue gaining momentum into its 18th year as a result of:

  • The lasting relationships participating brands have built with leading social media influencers and editors including Brit + Co, Chowhound, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Food & Wine, Food Network, Forbes, Health, Liz Adams, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Navy Grace, Outside, PopSugar, Pure Joy Home, com, Wired, Women’s Health, and many more.
  • CBC’s content production team, which captures unique, relevant visual content for brands. The content spans lifestyle video, Instagram-ready photography, how-tos, and more — all shot through an editorial lens – included in a brand’s sponsorship.

Sponsorships for the House Programs are now being filled. If you would like to reserve a spot or are interested in capturing content for your brand, fill out the form below and we will connect with you asap.