Media’s changing landscape is no big secret. Every day seems to bring more news stories announcing another magazine’s cease in print publications, more popular lifestyle websites with employee cuts, and more of our contacts becoming freelancers – the new norm. With this constant shift, publicists continuously need to evolve their approach in order to maintain successful media relations.

Gone are the days where the old “pitching and praying” strategy was all you needed for great press coverage. In 2019, PR teams will find more success with one-on-one deskside appointments, large-scale publicity stunts, and intimate media events.

Below, we explain why these top 3 media relations tactics are the key to making a splash in today’s PR landscape. Plus, we break down the tried and true CBC approach to creating meaningful brand experiences that leave a lasting imprint on editors and influencers.



Desksides, AKA one-on-one meetings with journalists, are not new to the PR world but have become more important than ever in today’s media landscape. Meeting with a key editor in their workplace or their favorite coffee shop allows you to garner their undivided attention, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes. Just think how rare it is to get anyone’s full attention in today’s age of multi-tasking and distraction, and you’ll immediately see the value of an uninterrupted conversation with an influential editor.

Given their short-term nature, desksides are a successful way to meet one-on-one with a large number of editors and writers over the course of a one- or two-day period. Whether you are discussing a new business venture or showcasing new products that they can both see and touch, deskside appointments allow brand representatives and publicists to leave a personalized impression on the media.

At CBC, we recognize the importance of regularly occurring desksides. Because of this, we will not only organize them around seasonal timeframes, but we also work to secure one-off meetings on the front- or back-end of any trip we are taking to the major media markets (ie. New York and Los Angeles). We’re all about efficiency!


Publicity Stunts & Brand Activations

We’ve all seen the crazy flash mobs in Grand Central Station or the giant cranberry bog in Rockefeller Center (shout out to the Ocean Spray x CBC team!), and we can’t help but remember the lasting imprint these larger-than-life events leave on us.

These publicity stunt activations are now the norm, taking “thinking outside the box” to the next level. With pressure to create a memorable brand experience in a short amount of time, brands have to be creative and unique to the nth degree to cut through the chaos and really make an impact – and not to mention garner immediate social media coverage.



At CBC, we craft unprecedented activations that truly speak to a brand’s mission. By fully understanding our client’s ethos, we deliver a message that is uniquely them coupled with an amazing brand activation that speaks to the brand’s target audience and allows people to experience the brand firsthand.

Intimate Media Events

Small-group events & trips are among the newer PR tactics, but they may just be the most effective tools in your 2019 PR toolkit. Combining the intimate nature of desksides with the experiential “wow” factor of publicity stunts, small-group media events are the sweet spot for media relations today.

Capturing the undivided attention of not just one, but a dozen editors, freelancers, and social influencers for a two-hour curated brand experience is sure to leave a long-lasting impression on all those who attend. This time allows for brands to communicate their mission and show their products in the perfect setting. Attendees will not only remember the brand for an incredible experience, but for the memories of the activity they took part in and the people they met.

At CBC, intimate, experiential media events are our specialty. Our CBC House Programs are destination retreats where we match a variety of products and brands to a lifestyle setting. From our Santa Barbara Fall House and Nantucket Summer House to our Aspen and Deer Valley Experiences, the brands we work with are showcased in an environment that makes them shine. We also curate solo-brand experiences that immerse the press in an activation that tells your brand’s unique story.


The Best PR Tactics for 2019

Keeping up with the rapid changes in traditional media isn’t easy, but evolving your PR tactics gives you a better shot than haphazardly pitching and hoping for the best.

At CBC, we know the value of making personal connections with journalists and influencers so that they’ll be more receptive to your message. Then, adding an experiential layer on top ensures that they will never forget your brand’s story. This PR approach helps our clients break through the noise and get coverage that moves the needle, and it could be just what your brand needs too.

Need some help modernizing your brand’s PR strategy? Reach out to learn how CBC’s media relations pros can help you get coverage in 2019 and beyond.