OnStar powerOn Media Relations Events Show Ease of Car Care Safety

It was an enlightening, innovative ride as OnStar and Boston media relations agency CerconeBrownCompany concludes powerOn, a women’s empowerment media event series in Sag Harbor, NY.  OnStar is empowering busy women who juggle their careers, family lives, and personal aspirations by providing them with tricks and tips to alleviate stress, including understanding how OnStar can be an integral part of their daily lives.

One component of each session included a winter car-care demonstration by a General Motors car-care specialist.  Beth Grotz, general director from GM Customer Care and Aftersales, showed each group of women editors, writers and bloggers just how easy it can be to get your car winter-ready in a safe, convenient and easy way.

Beth explained and illustrated simple ways to check and make sure your car can handle the icy cold of winter:

  • Check tires for tread and air pressure
  • Make sure windshield wipers are in good condition
  • Check oil level
  • Check for sufficient windshield wiper fluid

Beth also conveyed the importance of having a car-care kit handy as a precautionary measure.  The kit includes a small shovel, salt to melt ice, warm gloves, extra windshield-wiper fluid, a jug of water and a warm blanket or jacket.

OnStar also offers a monthly email program provided to subscribers at no additional charge, ensuring its subscribers are up-to-date with their vehicle maintenance.  OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics reports the status of a vehicle’s tire pressure, oil life system, major operating systems and OnStar subscription information.

In a short period of time, Beth was able to demonstrate a few simple tips, tricks and checks that these busy women can do in the comfort of their own driveway.  OnStar’s pointers not only save time, but give women the encouragement, confidence and inspiration to feel safer on the road.