Len on SIDEBAR Studios, CBC’s New Content Production Solution

One of our favorite times during the week happens on Thursday at 4pm, when CBC employees shut their laptops for the day and come together as a team to uncork a bottle of wine (or two). This week, the hot topic around the table was CBC’s new initiative called SIDEBAR Studios, our mobile content studio that travels alongside our HOUSE Programs to some of the most beautiful places across the country.

We poured a glass with CEO Len Cercone, who gave us the inside scoop on all things content production.


What is SIDEBAR Studios?

Len: Our “mobile” content studio is a way for brands to create editorial content from probably some of the best destinations in the United States, in a way that costs them a fraction of the price if they tried to do it on their own. The idea came as a natural outgrowth of CBC’s signature HOUSE Programs but in a way that can reach thousands and thousands of people. Brands sign up and we already have all the necessities to shoot incredible content for them: influencers, photographers, location connections, everything.

How has the landscape of advertising changed?

Len: We were hearing from brands that many have a hard time creating quality editorial content. There’s been a shift from traditional advertising to focus more on digital, and that’s where we come in! From the beginning, CBC has specialized in editorializing advertising and applying it to existing assets. It’s the future and it’s perfectly suited to how we think.



What is SIDEBAR Studios’ greatest strength?

Len: SIDEBAR Studios is rooted in the same concept as CBC’s signature HOUSE Programs and accomplishes two major tasks: guaranteeing coverage and expanding the transformational experience of HOUSE attendees beyond the real-time event to a digital experience. SIDEBAR is just an extention of that providing content to share on a consumer facing level, rather than the media.

GH Sidebar SB-19

GH Sidebar SB-2

What most excites you about SIDEBAR?

Len: SIDEBAR Studios takes experiential marketing and storytelling one step further – we help brands create aspirational, lifestyle content from experiences. By combining the SIDEBAR Studios with our HOUSE programs, brands can expand their reach through influencers and exceptional digital content while directly interacting with their consumers.

There you have it, folks. The brands spoke, we listened and created a way to produce content that is accessable and cost-effective. If you’d like to hear more about SIDEBAR Studios and our content production solution, contact us! We’d love to hear from you.

Or follow along on our Instagram channel (@cerconebrown), where we periodically broadcast live from our HOUSE Programs and SIDEBAR shoots.

Until next time.. or our next bottle of wine. Cheers!