Welcome to Our New Site

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You’d think as communications experts, we’d be right on top of it for our own site. But like the cobbler’s children with no shoes, we’ve been way too busy … until now. Today we launch a website that we feel gives you a good look into our work, philosophy, agency structure, etc. Some of the highlights are our campaigns for Quiksilver, GMAC Insurance, Nalgene, Royal Robbins, Sperry Top-Sider and Cognos. And with this new CBC blog, we can keep it fresh with lots of news, including our new New York office and staff expansions. In fact, one piece of news today is that Len has completed a new eBook “Simplinomics” available for download immediately. The intention of this eBook is to help simplify the often confusing macro-economic, environmental and social forces swirling around business and marketing professionals today, and to provide immediate, actionable insights on the communications landscape that will help business and marketing planning for 2009 and beyond. He’s been expanding on the concepts in this book at his blog www.eco-optimism.org, and plans to publish follow ups, eventually in a full-blown hardcopy. For now, take a look around and give us your thoughts. This site was created by our partner agency, Overdrive Interactive, the same folks that handle Harley Davidson, LoJack, John Hancock and many other great brands. They are without a doubt the smartest interactive guys around, and they’re a breeze to work with. In fact, we use them for many of our social media and online campaigns. As always, thanks for reading!