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Have you ever wasted your afternoon trying to figure out how to get something you need from point A to point B? (That box you got delivered to work, lo and behold, is too heavy to carry on the train? That shirt you took from your roommate that he really, really, really needs at the apartment NOW?!) Yep, us too – and it seems we’re not the only ones.

This past week Uber launched UberRUSH, a same-day delivery service that is being pilot tested in three major cities, and is being pushed as a business-to-consumer asset. As Uber released in a statement Wednesday, “today with the launch of UberRUSH, every business in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco has the power to get customers what they want, when they want it.”Screen-Shot-2015-10-16-at-3.54.36-PM-300x199


UberRush allows businesses to make faster, more reliable deliveries that, in turn, save consumers extra “tedious” trips to places such as the grocery store. For now, the service is targeted towards small businesses. For example, through UberRUSH, local or smaller-scale restaurants with lesser capacities for delivery teams can outsource delivery and get their customers food faster, preserving more time for in-house clientele.Screen-Shot-2015-10-16-at-4.04.54-PM-300x228


Will UberRUSH be a disruptive market force against companies like UPS and FedEx? Although UberRUSH does not deliver nationwide just yet, we anticipate them stealing a bit of attention from these now “old school” delivery companies in their trial cities. For example, when ordering something online from a local retail shop, consumers who want same-day delivery would have the ability to choose the UberRUSH delivery option. Consumers will then be able to track their product, every step of the 30-minute way. Say goodbye to “3 to 5 business days.”Screen-Shot-2015-10-16-at-4.04.27-PM-159x300


Uber made a name for itself by finding ways to meet consumers’ needs where traditional business models were falling flat. And the brand epitomizes contemporary corporate movement: action-based and willing to make daring moves across traditional business-identity “boundaries” (who’d have thought a taxi service would be delivering roses on Valentine’s Day!?). Will the old school players prevail amidst the force of this new school juggernaut? Only time (and with UberRUSH, we may all have a lot more of it) will tell.



Friday June 26, 2015 will go down in history as the day the Supreme Court ruled in a split decision that same-sex marriages would be legal nationwide. Millions took to the Internet to express their support of the decision, with #lovewins trending on Twitter shortly after the ruling was made public. Many well-known brands joined in on the celebration with the own creative responses. Check out some of our favorites below:

  • Ben and Jerry’s: In honor of nationwide marriage equality, popular ice cream brand renamed its Chocolate Cookie Dough ice cream flavor to “I Dough, I Dough” for Summer 2015. Additionally, proceeds from sales of this flavor will go to the Human Rights Campaign, which is a leading nonprofit organization advocating for LGBTQ rights. Ice cream and a good cause – what’s not to love? [Source]
  • MasterCard: Popular credit card company took to their Twitter to tell the story of a same-sex couple that won tickets to go see brand spokeswoman Gwen Stefani in concert. Pretty adorable, especially alongside their caption, “True love: Priceless”.
  • Uber: In a more understated way to show support, Uber added rainbow tails to the virtual cars on its mobile app. The rainbow flag has long been a symbol of LGBTQ rights, and is a low-key way for Uber to applaud the Supreme Courts’ decision and show their support. [Source]
  • YouTube: Shortly after the decision was announced, YouTube revealed their ProudToLove spot as a celebration of the video-sharing site’s long message of tolerance and equality. The video, which has received over five million views in less than one week, mixes both personal clips of individuals coming out on YouTube with political news footage. Pro-tip: have a box of tissues handy when clicking through to the video.

Inspired? Check out even more examples of the love shown on the web. Shout out to SCOTUS for making us extra-proud to be Americans this July fourth weekend!


Image Sources: Uber, White House