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So what’s the verdict here, did Kim #BreaktheInternet? Well no, not really, but she certainly took full reign of it considering her racy Paper Magazine photos were hard to avoid last week. Top tier news outlets, blogs, social media channels flooded with chatter on the topic and, as always – marketers couldn’t resist joining in on the conversation.

In our fast-paced digital world, real-time marketing (RTM) has become extremely popular among brands. Though, as the conversations brands spring to participate in start to become more and more controversial (like, say, a nude photo shoot with Kim Kardashian), there marks a fine line between this risky tactic being effective and simply being embarrassing.

Last week, many brands took to Twitter (a leading channel for RTM) to join in on the #BreaktheInternet conversation. Here are some of our favorites:






Photos sourced from Twitter.com