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Remember that controversial statement that propelled Lululemon from fame to infamy? Well, the dust has finally settled and the issue has been set aside and forgiven. More importantly, though, this has given the brand an enormous opportunity to redeem itself in the public eye. And, luckily for Lulu, we think they’re doing it.

Upon broadening its men’s apparel collection, the fitness and athletic wear company has opened its first menswear store in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood just last week. (In fact, in a daring move, the store opened on Black Friday. We pity its employees’ first day on the job!)

Lululemon has also recently launched a successful holiday campaign, #givepresence. The featured video shows popular figures in meditation, fitness, personal health, and more speaking to the power of disconnecting from technology and slowing from the fast pace lifestyle we’re used to. Check it out below.

With nearly 3.5 million views in under three weeks, the #givepresence campaign video has successfully spread its message. And as for the SoHo men’s store, it’s by no means excluding the Lulu-ladies: there is a womenswear store slated to open up across the street.

These two moves—the holiday campaign and menswear retail location—mark a positive direction for the brand. Moving beyond the backlash against last year’s criticisms from Lulu’s then-CEO, the brand is using its clout in the fitness lifestyle industry to convey encouraging messages to rejuvenate the public’s perception.

We think it’s safe to say Lululemon is no longer sweating the small stuff.