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With back-to-school promotions kicking into high gear, trash bag company Hefty has been putting one large issue – an issue more powerful than any horrible garbage scenario – in the spotlight with the brand’s new #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign.

Hefty created 30-second ads that aim to raise awareness of the serious lack of funding many public schools and their teachers face today. The tone is comically sarcastic, with teachers delivering lines like, “We do not need any more art supplies,” and, “This map—from 1913—almost all of the states are there!” The spots end with a (self-serving) reminder that Hefty is the only “trash-bag” brand supporting Box Tops for Education.


The Hefty campaign resonates across both political and consumer fields, reminding us of another recent campaign that intertwined civil engagement with brand advertising. According to Twitter, educators, education and public advocacy groups, and media members are all engaging with the campaign. So does this qualify it as successful? Awareness certainly seems to have been heightened – but does this translate to sales? As moms grab the obligatory storage bags while back-to-school shopping, will they be swayed to pick up Hefty instead of Ziploc due to the Box Tops involvement or the catchy campaign? We’re interested in following the campaign’s progress, but in the meantime, we’ll take a chuckle and a dose of social consciousness with the campaign’s video ads: