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Every month we ask our fellow CBC employees a question so we can get to know more about each other. (And so you can get to know us better too.)

This month we challenged our co-workers to take a look at their phones and check out which emojis were logged under “frequently used.” You can really tell a lot about a person by the emojis they use. So this month’s question was (*drum roll please*)…


What is your most-used emoji and why?


Laughing and crying at the same time, because it makes sense in a lot of situations! Laugh it out.

– Erin, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Lately it’s been this one because people have been so nice to me!! (Just got married)

– Kerryn, Senior Manager, Brand Integration

“…Because of my ‘condition.’”

– Robin, VP of Brand Integration

The salsa dancer girl. Because I’m just a girl, dancing my way confusedly through life.

– Kelsey, Digital Marketing Specialist

The fist bump. It’s a quick way to say “I agree”, “thanks”, and about ten other things…AND it’s more sanitary than a handshake.

– Len, CEO

The smiley face with smiley eyes. I try to be a positive person and have a lot of people help me achieve that. It’s my way of letting them know.

– Jamie, Intern

EyeballsBecause I’m usually saying something sarcastic or punny and am waiting for a reaction…

– Gina, Digital Marketing Strategist ”Either the hands up emoji or the laugh until you cry face. It’s a party/celebration or really happy that I’m crying… and I love both those things.”

– Annie, PR Specialist

ShakaBecause it’s basically the dad joke way to say okay’”.

– Jess, PR Manager

Smiley face. Basic, but sometimes I just need people to know that I’m smiling.

– Franny, Senior Brand Specialist

The surprise hand/face oneI feel like it resembles my actual expressions/animation.

– Blair, PR Specialist

Laughing/crying emoji… I’m hoping because I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying… what could be better?

– Noelle VP, Experiential PR

Laughing emoji with tear. No matter what mood I’m in, humor always tends to make things better. I also like to think I’m a funny guy although my girlfriend might tell you otherwise.“

– Jared, PR Associate

Two OK’  hands and twinkle stars. It’s my way of saying great, love it, okay. Its an Adventure Time reference and form of approval from a character.

– Alex, Senior Graphic Designer

“The sparkly emoji! Because why not add sparkle to absolutely everything! (It can only make things better.)

– Andi, Brand Associate 

Because I’m always suggesting crazy things and don’t know how people are going to respond!

-Jen, Director of Business Development

It can be used in so many scenarios… also a good one to break up any awkward situations.

– Whitney, Senior Brand Specialist, Brand Integration


“Emojis are too much effort.”

– Marie, Director of Finance and Operation


What are your frequently used emojis? Tweet us at @cerconebrown!