Instagram Changes Face: The Sequel

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Spring is finally upon us! It’s that time of year where we gather with friends and family, enjoy the fresh air, and of course – Instagram all of it. With over 300 million users all across the globe, Instagram has already accumulated over 20 billion photos and videos to date. Combine this with the new release of its Layout app on March 25, and the chances of a creative tidal wave coming to your Insta-screen are high and soon.


A clear blue spring sky here at CBC  #instalayout 

Layout from Instagram diversifies the use of collage, allowing users to easily combine photos within a single image. Users navigate which photos they want to select, where, in what order and of what relative size.

Already becoming popular, companies such as Victoria’s Secret and Sephora were found playing with its features on its first day live. With an additional self-timer built in and the endless appeal of sliding controls, the app really gives users the ability to edit their own photos in any arrangement their hearts desire. Consider yourself artistically warned.


What’s better then a cup of joe on a clear spring sky. #instalayout #cbc #boston