Coachella: A Social Media Music Festival

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Every April, music lovers and fashionistas across the country have serious FOMO. Why? Coachella, of course! The two-week long music festival in the desert has become the place to be to experience music and amazing street style.



Besides its great line-up, Coachella has also set the bar for event social media use.



The festival has taken advantage of every channel possible to gain coverage and generate interest. Event wristbands link to guests’ Facebook accounts. As they check in at the various stages, their Facebook page will update with their location as well as which band they are seeing.

Snapchat has a continuous live stream of crazy videos and photos from concertgoers. Coachella even has photo booths around the property and, once a guest takes a photo, they can immediately upload it to their Facebook page with Coachella’s custom hashtags: #Coachella and #Coachellalive.

But the ultimate social outreach for music lovers that couldn’t make the trek to Cali? A live stream of every performance, free, on YouTube.

Besides Instagram and Facebook, the buzz that Coachella creates every year has permeated into other media outlets and brands. Blogs and fashion websites can’t wait to post photos of celebrity street style. In addition, clothing retailers have created full, festival-themed lines just for the occasion.



Brands potentially have a lot to learn from Coachella’s massive media effort. If people love your event, a lot of the work will be done for you. There is no better coverage than what your guests create.