CBC Uncorked: What is Your Least Favorite Marketing Jargon and Why?

This month’s CBC Uncorked question had us leafing through our file cabinets, scanning our email subject lines, and thinking before we speak during conference calls.


What question could be so powerful, you might ask. We asked our fellow CBC coworkers:

“What is your least favorite marketing jargon and why?”


Prepare yourself to laugh at the answers below and let us know your least favorite phrase, in the comments!


Circle back… (but I think I may use it!) 😳

– Robin


Maybe just office jargon in general, but it’s a tie between ‘getting your ducks in a row’ and ‘turnkey’. UGH.

– Annie, PR Specialist


Ping. Are you trying to get ahold of me or mimicking an arcade game?

–Jared, PR Associate


Out of the box. We shouldn’t have to say ideas need to be out of the box – they just should be.

–Jen, Director of New Business


Low hanging fruit. It’s just not right. We aren’t apple picking here.

– Andi, Brand Associate


Take this offline. It’s just a procrastination tool.

– Whitney, Brand Manager


Ping. I don’t like ping.  We don’t have Blackberries anymore, we’re not really “pinging” anyone.  We’re emailing, texting, maybe calling.  But not pinging, it’s outdated.  Maybe only if we’re actually playing ping-pong.

– Franny, Senior Brand Specialist


VIRAL. As it is used in “viral video” or “let’s make it go viral” …because I’m sorry to burst your bubble people but you can’t MAKE something go viral. It’s something that happens on its own due to unparalleled creativity or evoking of an emotional response. Just like Regina George once said, stop trying to make fetch [viral] happen. It’s not going to happen.

– Gina, Digital Marketing and Content Strategist


LOW HANGING FRUIT. I guess it’s more PR jargon. But it’s just gross.

– Erin, Digital Marketing Senior Specialist


It has legs. It’s so … creepy! It sounds like a spider that’s going to crawl away. BLEGHH.

– Kelsey, Digital Marketing Specialist


It’s not specific to marketing but ‘ping me.’

– Kerryn, Senior Manager, Brand Integration


Below the radar.  Just lame.

– Len, CEO


Mainly used in PR but ‘Low hanging fruit’ because I’m immature and laugh every time someone says it.

– Chloe, PR Associate



– Brooke, PR Manager