How Brands are Adapting to a Changing (Consumer) Environment

In 2016, the world saw a rise in temperature. In fact, it was recorded as the highest on record thus far. With this shift in climate has come a significant change in consumer behavior. Many people are emphasizing an environmental consciousness and embracing what we call an ‘eco-fad’.

So, how are brands positioning themselves to adapt to this profound environmental mindset amongst its customers?

Moving Away from Plastic Bottles

S’well was launched in 2010 with a mission to reduce the amount of plastic bottles. Using a recycling bottle can help one consumer save up to 1460 plastic bottles per year.

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In its latest collection of bottles, S’well collaborated with Lily Pulitzer and Starbucks to bring other brands into the cause.

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Plant your Pencil

Sprout is a green startup that makes sustainable pencils that you can plant after you finish using them. The seed in the eraser capsule blossoms into either flowers, fruits, herbs or vegetables.     

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Drink More Beer, Save the World

A New Zealand beer company DB Breweries organized a series of fun and creative sequel campaigns to promote the importance of conserving their beaches. DD Breweries beer bottles can be crushed into sand to help restore the receding beaches – and all the consumer has to do is chug a beer!

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Eco your Journey

Tesla is known as a car company accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. With a focus on energy innovation, Tesla raised the bar for all other auto-makers in 2012 after introducing Model S – the world’s first premium electric sedan.

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With more emphasis being placed on environmental awareness, there is definitely room for brands with environmental activation missions to get involved.