Using Snapchat as a Marketing Tool: Part II

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Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has created a phenomenon in the social media world that has brought people together in the “snap” of a moment. With its ongoing success, Snapchat has evolved into a social media platform that is not only beneficial for communication among its users, but, as we discussed in last week’s blog,,brands, as well.

Like other social media platforms, using Snapchat as a form of branding is a gamble. Brands cannot possibly know how well their content will perform among target audiences, and it’s hard to measure numerical success with limited metrics provided by the platform. On the bright side, if given the right attention and execution, Snapchat could prove to be extremely successful in connecting with young (target) snappers


For example, Frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles used Snapchat to bring coupons to their loyal fans. The campaign premise was simple: snap a picture of yourself enjoying a cup of their frozen yogurt and you’d receive a coupon for anywhere from 16 to 100 percent off. This was effective in both initiating repeat business and loyalists, and generating lots of organic brand and product promotion. [Source]

Below are a couple of tips for incorporating Snapchat into your next branding initiative. With these, and the tips from last week, we’d say you’re set to snap into gear and surveil your successive Snapchat stardom.

Know the Application and its Users

As self-explanatory as it may be, knowing the ins and outs of any application will only prove to be more beneficial when using it. Knowing the limits of Snapchat will allow your brand to test the waters and use it to the brand’s advantage. In addition, knowing the kind of people that use it, how they use it, and when they use it will all play a role in the success of your company’s approaches.

Embrace the Short Amount of Time

With only 10 seconds of possible screen time, it’s smart to know how to efficiently connect with your consumers. The small amount of time allows for brands to let people peek into the brand’s overall aesthetic like mentioned above; it can be used to promote the introduction of products and services, or can simply be used for brand/consumer engagement.