ShopRite is not your typical grocery store. Each location is family-owned and operated, and the goal is to help each store truly connect with local customers — to treat them like family. To achieve this sense of community, ShopRite stores provide the utmost service – from staffing nutritionists, floral designers and beauty consultants, to having chefs create specialized products for each store (often based on the owner’s family recipes!), ShopRite earns their dedicated shopping fans.

But, if you have never been to a ShopRite, how would you know about the care they put into each of their Northeast locations?

Looking to expand reach and awareness for their brand, ShopRite’s marketing team turned to CBC – experts in creating hands-on brand experiences that immerse and educate press and influencers. To achieve ShopRite’s goal of immediate coverage, as well as their desire to create beautiful content to be re-purposed on their channels, CBC hosted an overnight experience with influencers set in a beautiful beach town on the Jersey Shore. During the immersion, influencers were treated to hands-on experiences with the ShopRite team and their partner brands, including Dole, Smartwater, Olay, Friendship Dairies, Raisin Bran, Rice Krispie Treats and more, in a way that resonated both with them personally, and with their broader audience.

  • CBC produced the “ShopRite Summer Getaway” at a beautiful home on the Jersey shore where over the course of three days and two nights, six top influencers based in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Connecticut escaped the bustle of everyday life to experience firsthand the quality and expansive offerings of ShopRite stores, and the commitment of the brand to its consumer base.

  • The result was over 200 social posts, seven million impressions, and a library of beautiful content for the brand to share.

  • With the beach as the perfect backdrop, the influencers had the opportunity to authentically engage with products, ask questions, capture content, and share brand highlights on their channels during several unique activations…such as this beach yoga session with Smartwater!

  • Additionally, influencers were treated to makeovers by the store’s beauty consultants. Proprietary and partner brands were featured, demonstrating the unique offering ShopRite has in its stores.

  • ShopRite’s proprietary brand, Wholesome Pantry, took center stage in an omelet bar for breakfast. This immersion activity allowed Wholesome Pantry to introduce customers to the unique aspects of the brand, including delicious family recipes.

  • The influencers also turned flowers into floral arrangements in a class led by one of the store’s floral designers to demonstrate the service each store offers.

Summer Sizzles for Shoprite
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