For decades, Newell Brands has acquired hundreds of household brands including Calphalon, Coleman, Baby Jogger, Sharpie, Yankee Candle, Marmot, Graco, and more. Many of their brands are more than a century old with rich histories, yet still continue to innovate and make a powerful difference in people’s lives to this day.

While CBC has worked with several individual brands under the Newell umbrella, we saw an opportunity to educate consumers not only about the individual brands, but also about the broader parent company that helps foster the development of these brands.

To do so, we channeled our expertise in bringing press and influencers together to create an immersive retreat for key Newell brands. Set in a beautiful, remote mansion in the snowy Catskills, we invited a group of top home, fashion, food, lifestyle and parenting focused media to join us for a weekend of unique and engaging activations and demonstrations that featured the latest and greatest from some of Newell’s top brands. From a Calphalon knife skills and cooking demo led by Michael Chernow and a camping-themed dinner “under the stars” with Coleman, to a Sharpie sneaker customization workshop with By Jordana and a mock baby shower with Graco, Baby Jogger, and NUK, the Newell Upstate Getaway served as a highly effective platform for driving product and brand awareness.

Additionally, with brand representatives on-site to help guide media through the activations demonstrate and educate on specific product features, Newell had the opportunity to foster and strengthen relationships with attending press and influencers. In today’s crowded digital landscape, face-to-face interaction and relationship building is invaluable when media’s inboxes are overflowing with product pitches.

In addition to experiences inside the house, CBC did the research to identify what information people wanted to know most about specific brands/products and created content to address these consumer-sourced questions. The video and photo content captured on-site will be strategically used by each brand for upcoming digital content and campaigns, increasing the ROI and value of the retreat for Newell.

The Result?

With over 12M social impressions, 20+ pieces of coverage to date, and many grateful (and glowing!) reviews from the press, we can confidently say this model worked – and we’re excited to bring it to life again in the future!

  • Celebrity Chef Michael Chernow led hands-on knife skills and cooking demo featuring Calphalon products.

  • A whimsical “faux” baby shower allowed guests to unwrap presents from Baby Jogger, Graco, and NUK, and learn about the product benefits while sipping champagne and nibbling on cake.

  • Media were treated to a DIY canning and cocktails class using a variety of Ball jars and other new products from the brand.

  • Professional sneaker customizer, By Jordana, helped media create their own personally customized kicks with Sharpie markers.

  • Attendees learned how to incorporate Yankee Candle products into festive tablescapes and home décor.

Newell Brands Sizzle in Winter Event
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