Fans in costume pose on the Iron Throne at Primark




In the weeks leading up to the premiere of the final season of the smash-hit HBO show, Game of Thrones, CerconeBrown and Primark launched a campaign to build excitement surrounding the Primark GOT collection and in-store Iron Throne event.

The goal of the campaign was to not only encourage consumers to purchase Primark GOT apparel and home décor, but to engage a larger Boston-based audience and bring new customers to the store. With several promotional tactics and strategic social engagement leading up the event, the CBC team coordinated a variety event logistics resulting in a packed store location filled with guests interested in both the Throne photo moment and the store itself.

Overall, existing customers and new customers alike experienced Primark in a way that they will not soon forget.

To extend the excitement beyond Boston, CBC worked with 5 fashion and lifestyle influencers and coordinate a visit to local Primark store to purchase items from the collection to set up a Game of Thrones-themed viewing party. The influencers each shared an Instagram Story from their visit to the store along with an Instagram Story and static post showing how their viewing party set-up.


  • PR & Calendar Listing Impressions: 22,333,428+
  • At Home Viewing Party Social Impressions: 46,529+
  • Event Social Impressions (Influencers + Improper Bostonian): 481,715
  • Event Attendees: 2,410
  • Social Contest Submissions: 83 valid entries
  • Uses of #PrimarkGOTSweepstakes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: 263
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