In November 2021, we launched the Journey On campaign, an effort to inspire current Scottish Rite members and introduce potential members to the organization. For the campaign launch, we created a set of branded social media banners to share with members online.

Enhancing Membership

Scottish Rite, NMJ

What We Did

The Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, an independent body of Freemasonry for Master Masons, came to us looking to enhance their membership experience and become a leading voice in the world of Freemasonry. As an aging organization with no previous digital marketing, they needed to increase their relevance, recruit new members, and keep existing members engaged.

We worked closely with their internal marketing department to recast their image through a new brand campaign and built the infrastructure for digital marketing from the ground up. We:

  • Created the “Journey On” campaign to inspire current members to reconnect with what it means to be a Scottish Rite Mason and introduce potential members to the organization
  • Built a full-funnel infrastructure for digital recruitment, including Facebook advertising, lead capture, a CRM and revamped website, an online application, and email marketing automation to nurture leads
  • Revitalized the SRNMJ blog and social media channels with new and exciting content to increase engagement and education for members
  • Leveraged keyword research to create new SEO-driven content and optimize the website for high-volume Masonic terms


  • 23,000 online leads
  • $1.57 million in revenuefrom online recruitment
  • 350,000 yearly website visitors(49,000 from earned SEO placement alone!)
  • +200%YOYincrease in website sessions
  • 120,000 social media followers
  • In our retention efforts, we optimized and redesigned the Scottish Rite website to ensure the best possible user experience for current members.

  • To help Scottish Rite leaders bring back inactive members, we worked with the organization to create a variety of resources for membership leaders to use in their restoration efforts

  • In order to simplify and streamline the Scottish Rite’s recruitment process we created an easy-to-access online application.