Be Our Guest: In the Hamptons for Hosting House


Doesn’t it seem like in every group of friends there is always one that stands out of the bunch when it comes to entertaining? An expert in building a comfortable space for guests whether it’s a stack of magazines on the nightstand, a vase of fresh lilacs, or a fridge full of delicious snacks.

Prior to holiday hosting season to learn all about the art of entertaining, we packed our bags and traveled to the Hamptons in November with 20 editors for CBC’s first Hosting House – an edition of our HOUSE programs that highlights all of the best brands in home decor, entertaining and gifting.

Jackson Family Wines prompted our holiday planning with a lesson on wine and pie pairing, featuring its aromatic La Crema line.

Pro tip: Pair Pinot Noir with berry-based pies and save your Chardonnay for the apple.

Garnet Hill invited the group of editors to their boutique in Bridgehampton to give them a sneak peek at their spring home collection as well as provide a fun tutorial on beautiful holiday gift wrapping. (An added cool factor of this experience was that social engagement tagging #StJudeShareaGift donated $10 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.)

Pro tip: Incorporate natural elements into your gift giving, for a unique twist on traditional wrapping.

Omaha Steaks hosted a delicious, savory dinner cooked by their executive chef to showcase the quality of their easy to prepare, frozen meals. Who knew Omaha Steaks was the secret to holiday dinner success!

Early risers the next morning, Leesa treated the editors and influencers to a yoga class and delicious breakfast a Hampton’s gem, The Topping Rose House. Morning yoga was particularly enjoyable after a restful night’s sleep on our Leesa mattresses!

Pro tip: Comfy mattresses = happy guests.

Cabot Creamery hosted an extra-special edition of “how to craft the perfect cheese board.” New York Times food stylist Judy Haubert taught us all how to make Instagram-worthy cheese boards. Editors from Family Circle, Lonny, and Real Simple magazines all broadcasted these cheese board tips from their outlet’s Instagram channels.

Pro tip: Use Cabot’s effortless cracker cuts to trick your guests into thinking you’re a cheese board genius.

Overstock then hosted a game night in the house’s stunning Great Room – a room they gave an impressive floor-to-ceiling makeover and completely outfitted in Overstock furniture and home décor.

Rubbermaid hosted breakfast showcasing their newest line of storage containers which was followed by a cooking demonstration and lunch with Dyson. Dyson brought in two food and wellness influencers Candice Kumai and Rachel Mansfield to cook healthy, yet aromatic, meals to show off the power of the Dyson Air Filters.

Pro tip: Did you know that indoor air 5x dirtier than outdoor air? Investing in a purifier may be the best decision you could make for your guests and yourself.

In three days, we transformed from gracious guests to hosting experts. At this point, we feel like the Duchess herself – although we certainly wouldn’t say no if Kate Middleton wanted to dish out her tips during next year’s Hosting House!

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If you’re a home entertaining brand interested in participating in this year’s Hosting House in November 2018, contact us!