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Early-stage companies need to make things happen fast: Move from seed funding to Series-level investment. Transition from bench test to clinical trials. Or support strategic initiatives in key market segments. It all boils down to doing a shortlist of critical things fast, economically, and on target.

We are found on the front lines of these projects handling branding, public relations, and communications for investment opportunities, technology development, and acquisition.

We have proven our value in simplifying science-based companies’ messages for both the investment community and the press. Our media relations engine spread those vital messages in healthcare journals and business press to attract patients, physicians, and investors to companies and their platforms.

Especially in times of great uncertainty, our ability to clearly cut through distraction to attract the right kind of attention from the trade press, financial circles, and influential leaders in the healthcare industry, makes your business have a greater shot at receiving the attention and valuation it needs to thrive.

Business Branding &
Media Relations

Without travel and trade shows, business marketers quickly need creative messaging to earn media relations attention and increase sales numbers.  We know how to shape business stories to get noticed in this volatile world, driven by social media posts, video content, email campaign strategies, paid sponsorship, and organic search.

We have an award-winning team in data analytics and B2B video production. We put special emphasis on understanding success within the digital and social channels that are most effective in reaching business customers, vendor partners, and investors.

Breaking through the noise and cultivating a lasting relationship with your business customers is the key to the successful execution of brand marketing. Especially in today’s challenging situation, marketing teams across the globe are starting to see measurable, results in their experiments with experiential marketing. We are ready to create relevant, memorable, and effective virtual experiential programs that will get your company noticed today.

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