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Early-stage companies need to make things happen fast: Move from seed funding to series-level investment. Transition from bench test to clinical trials. Or support strategic initiatives in key market segments. It all boils down to doing a shortlist of critical things fast, economically, and on target.

CBC quickly gets your brand ready for the next phase on all fronts and then supports it through growth.  From positioning and messaging, to highly strategic PR to leadership programs for top executives, CBC will help you get noticed by the right people and the right time … all in no time at all.

CBC Healthcare and Biosciences Program

  • Positioning and messaging development
  • Investor deck development
  • Website re-skin or relaunch
  • Business and Industry PR
  • Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Mapping
  • Leadership Programs
  • Launch Planning

How We Help: From Science to Inspiration and Action

Our specialty is translating your medical science into non-scientific terms that inspire and attract funding, talent, and attention.

We have the agility and know-how you need to craft your branding, marketing and communications plan to attract attention. Even in-house healthcare marketing staff may not have a playbook on how to effectively manage all the communications strategies required, at the pace of initial investment demand, especially on top of existing workloads.

Here are a few key aspects of our process to help healthcare businesses facing investment demands, rebrand, or earn media inquiries and effectively communicate about an upcoming business event.

  • Develop C-suite talking points and FAQs for stakeholders that use a positive tone and helps clarify for all the key messages: Often companies led by scientists, researchers or technicians, tend to communicate in the medical jargon and shorthand of their specialties, rejecting simpler language because of lack of specificity. We are experts in helping businesses communicate clear, accurate claims with exciting, real-world language moving potential investors, media, and even the general public to act.
  • Execute strategic press relations: The media should not be lumped into a general stakeholder communications plan. Instead, the trade press requires a separate approach and strategy authored by savvy PR and media relations experts. This may seem obvious but there are a whole host of ways the media can make your communications go sideways as well as straight to the top. We channel that communications power in the right direction for you, giving investors, talent, and industry professionals a reason to believe in you.
  • Develop outward-bound content with a purpose: We don’t advise companies to depend solely on the press to communicate their value. Instead, our communication plans include content development right from the start. Our data analytics team is a key part of the communications process. Our predictive content tools provide data that shows us exactly what your audience is looking for and how your content can fit in. This way, we create content designed from idea to deployment to drive against specific business goals and measure results.
  • Expand beyond the white paper: Clearly communicating key aspects of value in text is a given, but video-based communication is rapidly becoming a key differentiator in attracting the kind of investor, press, and public attention your healthcare company needs. Creating video content does not have to be laboriously time consuming or expensive. We have a clear, efficient process for creating every type of video-based communication you might need, from investor pitches to virtual press tours, to social media posts, we have a compelling, fast and efficient process for creating video-based content that will earn attention from the right audience.

We often serve as strategic communications advisors to the C-suite but are more than happy to take on much of the heavy lifting in tactical execution as well. If you’re looking for a partner to assist your organization with rebranding, public relations, or communications in healthcare technology, contact us today for a discussion of how and strategy plan.

Clear Communication. Precise Value. Measurable Results.


  • Veritas Genetics: The world’s first consumer-ready full genome company
  • FDNA: Rare disease screening process adopted by 80% of the world’s clinical geneticists
  • Hologic: Bringing humanity to a diagnostics leader
  • LikeMinds: Brain imaging for early detection of Parkinson’s Disease
  • BioScriptives: Going more than skin deep with a new dermatologic therapeutic delivery system

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