Garnet Hill has a long rich history of commitment to creating beautiful, naturally sourced products. Unfortunately, most people, even most Garnet Hill shoppers, didn’t know this. We helped Garnet Hill leverage its special, ownable, point of difference with a fully integrated, advertising brand campaign that included print, digital, social and a mobile tour.

Brand campaign

Our national brand campaign, which ran online and off, told Garnet Hill’s unique story and the lengths the company goes to create its world class products.

Mobile Tour

To launch our Beautiful Naturally campaign and help a new audience learn the brand’s history and experience Garnet Hill’s quality and craftsmanship firsthand, we created a fully furnished Garnet Hill mobile boutique that was as elegantly designed as Garnet Hill products themselves.This video showcases the project and our amazing results.


Historically, Garnet Hill relied completely on a catalog-first marketing strategy. We moved Garnet Hill into the digital space, introducing quarterly digital campaign that increased its social fan base 25 percent. We also increased social media engagement and raised brand visibility online by leveraging a variety of handpicked social influencers. Most importantly, conversations surrounding Garnet Hill shifted from being promotional to more lifestyle in nature, making the brand more approachable, relatable and human online.

Bridgehampton Store

We oversaw the creation of Garnet Hill’s first ever pop-up store in the Hamptons, which was slated to be a two-week temporary operation. However, due to its success, it became a permanent retail store and a powerful marketing platform for the brand. We continue to use the store for the insight gathering and product testing. We also utilize the gorgeous space to host events for media and designers, who drive additional brand awareness through their own platforms.

Garnet Hill Hudson House Experience

We utilized the renowned CBC “House Program” to create a special Garnet Hill Hudson House, which we filled with a variety of beautiful, natural experiences for the media to enjoy. Events included everything from farm-to-table dinners and winery tours, to yoga and antiquing. Our small house was filled with big-name media, including HGTV, Redbook, Traditional Home and the Today Show, as well as fashion and home bloggers.