2020 House Programs

CBC HOUSE Programs are an unforgettable experience aimed at connecting the nation’s best journalists, editors, and social media influencers with brands in some of the country’s most picturesque locations.

Each House Program offers a completely immersive brand experience unique to its location and theme, allowing media and influencers to slow down and give their undivided attention to your brand.

Brand sponsorships for House Programs are now being filled. Fill out our contact form for more information on the PR and content opportunities available at CBC’s House Programs.

CBC's Summer House

CBC’s hallmark program, Summer House, is going virtual.

a virtual media and influencer immersion experience.

In late July, Summer House Staycation will bring together the same A-list media and influencers you’re used to seeing at Summer House. This time, they will experience your brand and products in their own homes in ways that rival, and at times, surpass the real-life experience.

In just a few days, brands increase brand awareness among the top-tier press and influential social media personalities, with an opportunity to build authentic and long-lasting brand partnerships and ambassadors.

Showcase your brand in an unforgettable way during this unique summer. Fill out the form above to schedule a call to discover how Summer House Staycation can be the right fit to reach this year’s business goals.