Fall House in Santa Barbara


Three sessions, twenty editors, bottomless wine. This fall, we traded the East Coast autumn for a few days of Santa Barbara sunshine in our annual Fall House – one of the original destinations in our series of HOUSE Programs.

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POM Wonderful kicked off the program with a poolside cocktail hour before the group took off to a sunset dinner at Cambria Winery. Talk about a taste of some of California’s finest!

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UGG organized a paddle-boarding excursion in the Pacific where the editors got to experience UGG’s true surfer roots.



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Paddle-boarding worked up quite an appetite so we headed back to the house for lunch. Fan of dessert for lunch? Great, so are we.  Halo Top let the editors a taste of all of their new delicious dairy-free ice cream flavors – including some new flavors before they hit the stores!

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Next we traveled to downtown Santa Barbara to hit up Parker Clay, a local boutique stocked with leather bags and other goods handmade in Ethiopia. There the owners, a husband and wife duo, provided us with the beautiful story of the brand’s origin and the mission behind the product, all the while we enjoyed traditional Ethiopian coffee brewed right in front of us.

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Time to call in the Navy SEALs! The daunting task of an authentic Navy SEAL workout with Luminox turned into one of the most epic team building experiences.  Former Navy SEAL, Rob Roy, powered us through an intense, but insanely awesome, workout.

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And last but not least, one final adventure: Cold Springs Canyon for a hike with Mountain Designs. The editors really put their gear to the test.

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Interested in seeing more from this year’s Fall House program? Check out all of the social buzz on Instagram at #CBCfallhouse.