Cercone Brown & Company Completes Another Successful Winter House

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So far, 2009 has been quite a year. I think we are all feeling a bit challenged in our various areas of business. It is times like these that is seems quite a privilege to enjoy your chosen profession. No role or responsibility at Cercone Brown & Company brings me more joy than Winter and Summer House.

This year marked the completion of the third annual Cercone Brown & Company Winter House. This is the second year the program was hosted in the Penthouse of The Canyons in Park City (www.thecanyons.com). Dare I say, it went off without a hitch. Despite the constantly changing economic landscape, we had a profitable program and what’s more, we had a great turn-out of enthusiastic media. More often than not, you hear horror stories about the diva shenanigans of the media. I have had the joy of experiencing the opposite. Winter House is a media relations program that encourages editors to get down and dirty and try product in the most natural way. The media has become more like friends than collegues and we are constantly hearing that Summer and Winter House feel more like a vacation with your nearest and dearest than a work trip.

From snowshoeing in Kahtoolas (www.kahtoola.com) to test-driving Subarus (www.subaru.com) the media was psyched to be immersed in a comprehensive but, let’s face it, fun program. This year, everyone needs a brief escape to do their job in a fun way.

Thank goodness Summer House is only two months away.