Best Life Mag Folds: Sign of Times

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For our PR agency, the recent closing of Best Life is tough to take.  Our approach to media relations is just that: RELATIONS.  So when a group of good people that do great work lose their jobs, it just stinks.

This is the case with Best Life.  Every month, that magazine was filled with much more content than they needed to give the reader, especially these days when most are cutting back on reporting.  But Best Life put out a quality product, and did it all with honestly and a rye sense of humor.  What’s more, it seemed from the outside that they were still attracting the advertisers.

But as America changes its view of consumerism before our eyes, it’s becoming harder and harder to find a safe place in style and luxury.  And as advertisers sit on the sidelines, the collateral damage becomes real.

And in the end, we lose an effective medium to communicate with young men, already a difficult demographic to reach.

So we wish the entire staff good fortune in a time when it seems fortune is harder to come by.