CerconeBrownCurtis to Launch Online HDTV Company

PermissionTV Taps CerconeBrownCurtis to Launch
Brand and Manage Public Relations

BOSTON, MASS (June 6, 2006) – CerconeBrownCurtis will handle all public relations responsibilities in the launch of PermissionTV, an online high-definition television platform for the Web, the Boston advertising and PR agency announced today.

Competing with an emerging cadre of innovators like BrightCove, Amakai, and Maven, PermissionTV will offer the world’s most flexible platform for delivering innovative and interactive video experiences on the web, producing programming and content that can be broadcast over the internet and viewed on personal computers, cell phones and iPODS around the world in HD format.

“PermissionTV has the potential to change the way we think about and watch television,” says Erika Brown, partner, CerconeBrownCurtis. “This type of opportunity is very special.”

The PermissionTV platform gives media brands and video content owners the ability to have one-to-one relationships with their audiences. As a result, media brands and video content owners can strengthen their brands with fans by extending programming to the web. CerconeBrownCurtis will look to utilize these capabilities to form partnerships with various TV shows and programs as part of its PR strategy.

Creator of Online Virtual Communities Chooses CerconeBrownCurtis for Branding and Corporate Identity

BOSTON, MASS. (April 18, 2006) – When Kaneva Inc., creator and host of a social networking site that allows users to participate and create 3D virtual worlds and communities, began looking to create a community and identity of their own, they looked to CerconeBrownCurtis to help them find their way.

Kaneva Inc. has hired CerconeBrownCurtis to help with branding needs and creating a corporate identity. Looking to work off Kaneva’s solid foundations, CerconeBrownCurtis will put together planning strategies and a strong platform to set Kaneva apart from competitors in the burgeoning virtual world industry.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kaneva Inc. began as a top-notch gaming technology company. Using its extensive experience and proprietary technology, Kaneva has emerged as one of the first virtual entertainment companies that combines the 2D web with a 3D experience, submerging users into a fully functional virtual world.

Cercone Brown & Partners Gets Juiced Up

Nantucket Nectars Taps Agency for Public Relations;
Launch New Organic Juice Line

BOSTON, MASS. (August 17, 2004) – Nantucket Nectars today announced that the company has retained Cercone Brown and Partners as its public relations agency. The Boston-area firm will handle all public relations for the company, including the launch of Nantucket Nectars’ new organic line.

“Cercone Brown goes beyond traditional media relations to create programs that connect brands with core consumers,” said Chris Testa, vice president, Nantucket Nectars. “We’re confident that the Agency’s creativity and work ethic will play a key role for Nantucket Nectars.”

The agency will handle all publicity efforts for the new organic juice line, which hits stores in May 2004. Efforts will include promotion of the 400-stop Nantucket Nectars Organic Farmers Market retail sampling program, as well publicity for the Nantucket Nectars/Jammys Organic Music Tour, a 15-market series featuring a wide range of the country’s top jam bands.

Cercone Brown will also assist in the promotion of Nantucket Nectars’ existing events, which include the Nectars Iron Team Relay and NectarFest, as well as manage all trade and consumer media relations for the juice maker.

“Nantucket Nectars’ rich heritage, attitude and products provide abundant opportunities for break-through media relations,” said Len Cercone, partner, Cercone Brown & Partners. “We’re excited to get our teams onto the streets, beaches and campuses across the country to spread the word on Nectars’ outstanding new products.”