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Damage Control: Crisis Communication in a Constantly Connected World

Social media has revolutionized the way brands function. Messages reach a larger demographic, consumers engage more often, and news hits the stands before it’s even fact-checked. But let’s just say it: not all sharing is constructive. And if there’s one thing that permeates the digital space faster than the latest Kardashian scandal, it’s brand controversy. Even […]

(In)Authentic Marketing in the Age of the Influencer

Casey Neistat is a YouTube influencer and vlog pioneer.  With cinematic shots and clear narrative lines, his high-quality daily vlog has been a breath of fresh air in a genre filled with shaky selfie-like shots. Moreover, Neistat has built himself a loyal audience from the ground-up; one that follows his recommendations devotedly and takes his […]

Why the Louise Delage Campaign Went Viral

We live in the age of information; an era that gave birth to the World Wide Web, online messaging, and social media. More and more, brands are expected to keep up with digital trends when it comes to connecting with their audiences, oftentimes relying on tried-and-true approaches. But every so often, one brand will do […]

Brand Positioning: Apple’s HomePod

Apple has undoubtedly changed the face of the tech world, and the company has cultivated a loyal following while contending against its rivals. But they’re about to put their brand positioning to the test as they introduce their newest product since the Apple Watch: the HomePod, due to release in December 2017. The new Apple […]

Sips and Sun: CBC Takes on Sonoma

Sonoma Wine Country: the perfect spot to hole up for a long weekend with a bottle of California’s finest and *drink* in the West Coast sunset. Which is exactly how 20 editors and influencers spent their time when they attended our annual CBC Cooking Cottage from May 5-10, 2017. Cooking Cottage is part of the […]

Drone Marketing: The New Face of PR Stunts

When we used to say the word “drone,” you probably envisioned a low humming sound or a male bee that does no work. But recently, drone is a common term for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or a more specific type of UAV, quad-copter. As drone technology continues to develop at a fast pace, these […]

Context Matters: A Marketer’s Guide to Safer Digital Advertisements

AT&T, Verizon, and Johnson & Johnson were among the over 100 brands that quit YouTube after a London News Reporter exposed the advertisements were aired alongside extremist videos. Soon after, conversations broke out about brand placement and how to create a safe digital space. Especially in lieu of today’s tense political climate, it is essential […]

Taking Home the Gold at the 2017 David Ogilvy Awards

On Monday night at the 2017 David Ogilvy Awards, CBC and our client Garnet Hill took home gold in the “Reinventing Traditional Media” category for the Beautiful, Naturally Garnet Hill Mobile Boutique. Named after advertising legend David Ogilvy, the ARF David Ogilvy Awards celebrate the critical role of insights that inspire great advertising. In the […]


The last few years of digital expansion has certainly provided many opportunities for us to connect personally and professionally. This includes a rise in Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing: the marketing of products or services to other businesses. According to Content Marketing Institute, 94% of marketers use LinkedIn as a platform for B2B sales. Twitter follows this […]