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Be Our Guest: In the Hamptons for Hosting House

Doesn’t it seem like in every group of friends there is always one that stands out of the bunch when it comes to entertaining? An expert in building a comfortable space for guests whether it’s a stack of magazines on the nightstand, a vase of fresh lilacs, or a fridge full of delicious snacks. Prior […]

3 #WINNING Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl ads are a national phenomenon. As an advertising agency, we had to make sure we gave our POV on this year’s lineup. Get this: throughout the year, people actively avoid watching ads on T.V. and online, and now with On Demand, Netflix, and Hulu, most people are less likely to watch broadcast television […]

What’s the Story with Instagram Stories?

Did you know an average Instagram user misses 70% of the content in their feed? Since the implementation of feed algorithms, Instagram Stories have become an essential tactic for brands to ensure they are actually reaching their Instagram audience. Some brands have perfected Stories and are using them to broadcast live events, share visual content, […]

Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Update

If you’re a marketer, by now you’ve heard about the new and “improved” Facebook algorithm that Zuck so casually dropped on the world a few weeks ago. For us that work in digital and social media, it was pretty similar to the fake ballistic missile alert that went out to the entire state of Hawaii, […]

Fall House in Santa Barbara

Three sessions, twenty editors, bottomless wine. This fall, we traded the East Coast autumn for a few days of Santa Barbara sunshine in our annual Fall House – one of the original destinations in our series of HOUSE Programs. POM Wonderful kicked off the program with a poolside cocktail hour before the group took off […]

CBC invites editors to annual Charleston destination experience

We love nothing more than exploring some of the country’s most beautiful destinations, and we have to say: Charleston, SC really takes the cake as a must-visit destination experience in the South. This September, we gladly packed our bags and boarded our flights alongside a group of food and travel editors for the second annual […]

Len on SIDEBAR Studios, CBC’s New Content Production Solution

One of our favorite times during the week happens on Thursday at 4pm, when CBC employees shut their laptops for the day and come together as a team to uncork a bottle of wine (or two). This week, the hot topic around the table was CBC’s new initiative called SIDEBAR Studios, our mobile content studio […]

Brands turn to experiential retail in response to new-generation of online shoppers

As consumers continue to favor the convenience of online shopping, brands are turning to experiential retail as a way to repurpose their store’s space. And we’re happy to report that brands have really taken the concept of experiential retail and run with it. Particularly, beloved department store Nordstrom. On October 4, Nordstrom opened its first […]

Exploring Our Own Backyard for the CBC Boston Experience

We’ll just come right out and say it: we LOVE Beantown! As one of the most historic cities in the country, Boston has a lot to offer from unique activities, great food, and lastly, is home to some amazing brands. Throughout the year, we routinely invite editors and influencers spanning a variety of lifestyle, food, […]

The Rise of the Podcast as Branded Entertainment

People are tuning in to tune out and adapting to anything that promises to provide a digital escape. While digitizing content is the norm, there is one form of communication that has stuck: audio content. Popularity for the podcast surged in 2014, and is continuing to be a top-chosen source of branded entertainment. In 2016, […]

A Cultural Shift, Fashion Marketing for Athleisure

Over the past few years, “athleisure”—a clothing trend combining athletic wear and casual attire—has taken the fashion world by storm. In an article from Business Insider, Dennis Green says that athleisure has changed the fashion industry to the extent of creating an entirely new category of clothing. The popularity of athleisure reflects a lifestyle change towards […]

Using Instagram to strengthen your food brand

Restaurants are constantly facing competition when marketing their brand, but what makes a customer choose them over their competitor? Many are turning to the social platform Instagram to expand their reach and, likewise, consumers are using the channel to document their own meals (admit it, we’ve all been guilty of whipping out our phones to […]

A guide to the most successful experiential marketing campaigns (so far)

As a public relations agency with many experiential marketing campaigns under our belt, we’d like to think we’re in a good position to point out some great work by brands and our colleagues at other PR agencies. For experiential marketing to work, it has to grab your attention. Think about it: Have you ever done […]

Organic Marketing Through Your Customers

Fragrances are a main revenue source for big name fashion brands, and for good reason – smell is one of the strongest triggers of emotion and memory. But in a digitally-driven world, how do you advertise something intended to be tangible? Unfortunately, you can’t send people scents via iMessage or tag them on Instagram. This is why […]